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Hamedsoft Easy Program

Only by using one devices you can control and record all channels in one touchscreen device. this device easily assembled on any brand of PWHT machine like Cooperheat, Mannings , Thermal globe, Weldotherm, etc.

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Heat Treatment Products

Simple way to access every usefull material for your heat treatment projects.

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CUSTOM heating Services

Preheat, Post Weld Heat treatment or any other type of heat treating projects on any kind of shapes like spherical tank or Pipelines.



Our heat treatments products, specially designed for preheat, stress relieve and anneal processes. The variety of our products is so vast depends on output channels or output power for choosing the best facilities and ability.

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Executor of Heat treatment projects and products
We Relieve your stress

Hamedsoft company manufactures Thermal equipment in various industries including power generation and oil and gas industries. The company produces stress-relieving (PWHT) and preheating devices since 2004, has attempted to meet the needs of industry in this area. The company is one of the most capable companies in the build furnaces for heat treatment.

Hamedsoft engineering company with more than 10 years of experience on stress reliving, is proud to express its abilities and capabilities of handling different projects at its glorious age.Our company offers the possibility of controlling 400 stress reliving Points with the latest machinery Of Hamedsoft Group and also Cooperheat, Manings and Weldotherm. Management of well experienced retired members of N.I.O.C along with cooperation of experts in metallurgy and electrical engineers together with using high technical instruments, has enabled us achieve the utmost satisfaction in Heat treatment projects.

Hamedsoft engineering company offers a 24 hour service for stress reliving of different capacity of spherical and flat instruments pipes, towers, storage tanks and vessels with high efficiency.

  • Produce or heat treating

  • Produce with highest method

  • Spherical Tank, Towers, storage tank, Pipe line

  • MT, UT, DT, Hardness test

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