Heat treating Furnaces

Sometimes for any kind of heat treating like stress relieve or anneal, we use the furnaces because it is more powerful than other way. the reason of this ability is putting the equipment in high temperature environment that cause to temperate the equipment. another reason for using the furnaces and ovens is decrease the diffrences betwethe points of equipment during the heating. last but not least reason is for using furnaces is in long time it is so economical than other way.

In summary we have to types of furnaces with refer to time of usage

  1. Fixed furnaces
  2. Temporary furnaces

Fixed Furnaces and Oven It is so economical to design and use furnaces in the factory, if you have numerous type of metals and pipes or tanks for heat treating. with refer to size of oven you put the equipment in that. this furnaces can be tempered with electric, gas or gasoline. Also for controlling and recording the temperature during the process is like PWHT unit that support any type of RAMP, Soak.

Temporary Furnaces and oven sometimes we use temporary furnace in factory because moving to another place will take a long time and it is increasing the price of producing. Structure of this type of oven is like fixed furnace but the price of this type of oven is less than fixed oven. this type of furnaces usually will work for around 3 or 4 mounts if it is protected form wind or rain.

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