Heating Elements

Flexible Ceramic Pads (FCP)
Heating Elements

Hamedsoft FCP Heating Elements Save You Money.
Hamedsoft use the highest quality materials available in the construction of our Flexible Ceramic Pad (FCP) heating elements. These materials make Hamedsoft heating elements highly durable, which extends the usable life of Hamedsoft heating elements, far beyond that of our competitors. This extended life, high durability and reliability combine to save you money by:

  • Reducing rework and lost time due to heating element failures.
  • Reducing your annual costs for replacing or repairing failed or damaged heating elements.

Hamedsoft ceramic heating elements are constructed from high grade sintered aluminia ceramic beads, 80/20 Nickel-Chrome core wire and Nickel cold tail wire.

The construction allows the heating element to be flexible and provide high heat transfer efficiency.

  • Alumina content: 95%
  • Bulk density fired: 3.7 Mg/m3
  • Grain size: 6μm
  • Vickers hardness: 12.5 (Gpa@Hv 0.5kg)
  • Rockwell; hardness: 78 (R45N)
  • Compressive strength: 2000 MPa
  • Flexural strength: 320MPa
  • (ASTM C1161, 3 point)
  • Young’s modulus: 325 Gpa
  • Thermal conductivity: 21W/m3

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