3 Channels PWHT machine

This page introduce the 3 Channels heat treating machine of our products. Temperature category for control, monitor and recording is below than 1100’C.

Hamedsoft PWHT Machine

This machine is suitable for all heat treating processes, specially stress relieve, preheat and annealing.

Control unit of this device contain one touch screen HMI (usually 3 inches) that used latest method of Hamedsoft easy program for control, monitor and recording the temperatures and channels.

Output logic for our product is PID and it can control 4 level process or hold in fixed temperature while user switched off.

The accuracy of our products is 0.1 ‘C and time gradient and differential is saving in each 30 seconds. the memory of our products is 40 hours. finally by using flash USB disk drive, one read-only file is decoded in laptop or PC and you can print it or convert it to PDF document.

Our Three channels Heat treatment UNIT

How we code our products

coding pwht machine


  • 25: 25KW
  • 50: 50KW
  • 0220: Single Phase direct, 10KW
  • 0380: Three Phase direct, 20KW


  • C: Contactor
  • S: SSR
  • V: SCR, Power regulator from 0V to 220V
  • C+: Contactor, with addition switch from 220V to 380V
  • V+: SCR, Power regulator from 0V to 380V

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