July 7, 2016




When welding some base materials and for some service conditions, preheating and/or post weld heat treatment may be a requirement. These types of thermal treatments are generally required in order to ensure suitable weld integrity and will typically prevent or remove undesirable characteristics in the completed weld. Any form of heat treatment is costly since it demands extra equipment, extra time, and extra handling


Post Weld Heat Treatment ( PWHT) reduces the residual stresses formed during welding. It also restores the macro structure of the steel. Mandatory in high pressure applications, constructors have to strictly follow PWHT requirements to avoid component failures. This process is technically done by famous company because its costly and sensitive projects. our expriences in PWHT on spherical vessels betrayed that this company is one of the best in the world.

Spherical Tanks

Stress relieve for TOWERS, STORAGE TANK and vessels


Post weld heat treatment on Towers in petrochemicals or refineries and doing heat treatment for vessels and tanks.

Post weld heat treatment on Pipeline


Common kind of jobs on pipeline after jointing to pipes to each other


Produce the furnaces or execute any kind of heat treatment in our furnaces

Furnace for heat treating