July 7, 2016


Hamedsoft’s complete range of heat treatment equipment includes all necessary power supplies, temperature control and recording instruments, cables, heating elements, insulation and accessories. Whether you are going
to carry out heat treatment on simple butt welds or complex pipe work and vessel fabrications, Hamedsoft can supply the full range of equipment you need.

The main plant equipment such as power supplies, heat treatment programmers, temperature controllers and recorders can be supplied as separate units to form a versatile modular system or alternatively as complete, integrated, self-contained Heat Treatment Units, which eliminate the need for the user to make interconnections
between equipment.

Hamedsoft equipment is designed and manufactured by experienced engineers and technicians in our facility. Each item is inspected by our quality control engineers and certified as having passed inspection in compliance with our ISO 9001:2012 quality management system and the European Safety Directives.

Our sales engineers are dedicated to providing the very best in service. Their extensive experience in the field of heat treatment ensures that the equipment offered will meet the requirements of our client’s application and provide effective solutions for any heat treatment requirement.

Hamedsoft’s worldwide team of engineers provide an excellent after sales service including:

  • Calibration
  • Equipment inspections
  • Repair
  • Technical advice
  • Forward order contracts with scheduled deliveries
  • Operator training

Product data sheets are available for all items manufactured and supplied by Hamedsoft and can be downloaded
from our website or requested from your nearest Hamedsoft location.