Stress relieve the Spherical Tank in Abu Ghraib

PWHT on spherical Tank

PWHT on spherical tank in Abu Ghraib-IRAQ – May 2018

Heat treatment on spherical tank in Abu Ghraib-IRAQ accomplished by Hamedsoft engineering company in 6 May 2018. Tank detailed as below:

  • Dia : 18600 mm
  • Maximum Thickness: 46mm
  • Average heating rate: 69’C/Hh
  • Holding temperature: 595 ~ 635 ‘C
  • Average cooling rate: 53’C/hr

Ambient temperature : 25’c, Humidity: 60%

Graph of this project: PWHT Graph
Graph of accomplished PWHT on spherical tank in Abu Ghraib-Iraq by Hamedsoft
Download: 39, file size: 537.3 KB


2 thoughts on “Stress relieve the Spherical Tank in Abu Ghraib

  • Dear All,
    I`m writing from pakistan. We have a similar type of sphere whose PWHT is required by the process you have followed in IRAQ.
    May i know if your company can work in Pakistan. The details of job are as under
    Dia : 19000 mm
    Maximum Thickness: 44mm
    Average heating rate: 50 to 80’C/hr after 400’C
    Holding temperature: 600 ~ 625 ‘C
    Average cooling rate: 30 t0 50’C/hr till 400’C

    in case you can supply the burners and equipment and not complete service, please let us know in that case as well.

    Awaiting your reply


    • Dear Muhammad,

      Thanks for your request. I replied to you by email. please check your email. we hope to see you in the projects.


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