Stress relieve on Spherical Tank in kianly-Turkmenistan

Stress relieve on spherical tank

PWHT on spherical tank in Kianly-Turkmenistan – 29 Aug 2016

Heat treatment on spherical tank in Kianly-Turkmenistan accomplished by Hamedsoft engineering company in 29 August 2016. Tank detailed as below:

  • Dia : 16 m
  • Maximum Thickness: 45mm
  • Average heating rate: 40’C/Hh
  • Holding temperature: 595 ~ 620 ‘C
  • Average cooling rate: 60’C/hr


  • temperature : 34’C
  • >Humidity: 19%
  • >Wind: 5m/s

Graph of this project: 920-t-01a-turkmenistan
Accomplished project on spherical tank in Turkmenistan by Hamedsoft Engineering group
Download: 160, file size: 853.5 KB

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