Paperless Programmer and Recorder

Hamedsoft has been the industry leader in the field of heat treatment since 2005 in Iran. It is simple you control, monitor and record all of your needs in one layout touchscreen.

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Easy to use

  • Easy to assemble
  • Friendly operation
  • Multi Languages Support
  • Easy to expand

Monitor data

  • Actual Temperatures
  • Program Temperatures
  • Time of Each level
  • Percentage of each level
  • Vertical Bar show
  • Time to End of Each level
  • Graph of Process


  • RAMP/SOAK operation
  • Fixed SP operation
  • Optimized for PWHT, Quench and any kind of heat treatment devices

Input and output

  • multi input type, TC, RTD, Voltage or Amperage.
  • Multi output type, Relay, 4-20ma, 0-5Vdc, optional output
  • Multi output logic, ON/OFF, PID, fuzzy


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