Heat treatment Machine

Our heat treatments products, specially designed for preheat, stress relieve and anneal processes.

In addition, referring to necessary safeties and quality, this company edges itself to obey essential standards. The reputation of its manufacturing facilities is in using its highly reliable, quality and durable equipment in its products.

The variety of our products is so vast depends on output channels or output power for choosing the best facilities and ability.

The basis of this type of devices is to switching ON|OFF the output current and in some cases to change the output voltage.

All equipment for this type of device has the Rohs and is environmentally friendly.

last but not least, we use paperless recorder in our all products that cause to customer didn’t need to purchase paper and ink for recorder and in the future maintenance of devices is very economical.

6 channels PWHT

One channel PWHT unit

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Three Channels PWHT unit

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Six Channels PWHT unit

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Twelve Channels PWHT unit

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Catalog of PWHT units